We manufacture all precision industrial parts for all sectors.
We can easily produce every materials (steel, stainless steel, bronze, brass, font, aluminum, plastics,…).
We are able to respond flexibly and affectively to your machining issues in medium and large production series.

Our Production

  • Gear cutting

    • Generating process (hobbing, slotting), worms
    • Parts from Ø5mm to 220mm
    • Module 0.3 à 5

  • CNC Machining

      • Bar-turning CNC et Machining CNC, Milling
      • Parts from Ø3mm to 220mm

  • Broaching

    • All internal complicated shapes
    • Parts from Ø10mm to 220mm

In addition, we are equipped with machinery sawing, notching press and assembly press by crimping, thread grinding machines and grinding between centers machine.

We work with various subcontractors in thermal treatment, surface treatment, welding and many other in order to deliver you parts all supplies.

Our customers